Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episode 296: School Attachment Day 7

Am literally at the halfway mark of my attachment! Arrived slightly late this morning because I hadn't counted on the staff meeting starting so early. Anyway, I've managed to type out one additional strategy, and for a change, I'm going to work on this report further while I'm at home, at least once I've sorted out the ripping of DVDs. Thought I had it figured out, but AutoGK wasn't properly recognising the PGC chains I'd blanked out using VobBlanker, which meant that any episode other than the first one on the disc had problems syncing audio and video. So now I'm using DVD Shrink to re-author the discs, before sending them through AutoGK. It looks like it's going to work, so once I've got that set up, I'll turn to my report. Shall aim to finish it by tonight, and then I can spend the whole of tomorrow working on the PowerPoint and my lesson plan for Friday. I'm secretly hoping that Monday's lesson is also supposed to cover the same content, then I can just replicate the lesson. Otherwise, I'm going to have to spend the weekend planning it! As it is, I'm already questioning whether meeting Yee Hung to go over the script tomorrow evening is a good idea. Sigh...

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