Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Episode 288: School Attachment Day 1

First day of attachment went by without a hitch, apart from the fact that I came back feeling sleepy like I haven't felt since I was in JC. Should attempt to sleep by midnight tonight, I guess? Being in a neighbourhood school isn't that much of a culture shock, at least not after my short stint as a facilitator with High Achievers. Some things on the schedule today got cancelled because of H1N1, but other than that, it was a really easy first day. Mostly just meeting with senior management and walking around the school campus. I guess having been a student all my life until now, it's quite interesting to be on the other side of things for a change, even if it's just tiny glimpses so far. Spoke to my mentor about the project that I'm supposed to do, and I've just gone online to do my research, which is basically done, I think. A lot of it is just background information anyway, since the idea is to come up with some strategies to implement. Tempted to bring my laptop to school tomorrow, but I've got something downloading at the moment, so probably not. Am going to do both a report and a PowerPoint presentation, which I could actually finish way before the end of the attachment. First though, I've got to start scripting the dialogue for the musical, and finish by Saturday...

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