Sunday, July 05, 2009

Episode 286: Busy Sunday...

Dad drove me to Causeway Point to collect my N95. Now all I need is some money so that I can buy the N97 myself, since my dad won't. Went over to the library after that to get a couple of books. Am going to re-read Alfian Sa'at's two collections because I liked them, especially A History Of Amnesia. Was also pleasantly surprised to see that the NLB does stock books from Carcanet, in this case, Michael Palmer's The Lion Bridge: Selected Poems, 1972-1995, so I borrowed that, as well as Invisible Cities, my favourite book by Italo Calvino, my copy of which currently resides in a box somewhere in the UK. Sigh. The impetus to read has died down somewhat as my attachment approaches. Headed down to City Hall to meet some of the MOE people to hang out, and I had the chance to take the Circle Line. Nothing great, just reminded me of the North-East Line. We went to J.Co because SingTel subscribers can get two free doughnuts when they purchase a freeze beverage. The promotion's until July 15! Headed down to church after that. I thought the skit by the YE was quite good. The weather, on the other hand, was not. I still made it on time to the musical meeting though!

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