Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Episode 295: School Attachment Day 6

Randomly, I began this entry in the morning at 10.39 am, and I'm continuing it at 10.39 pm. Spooky, huh? So the torrent I was downloading before yesterday's switch has now stalled and I don't think there's any hope of getting it to work again. I give up. So Eugene Chan, I am ripping your DVDs instead. Will experiment until I get what I want. The torrent's contents weren't the quality I was hoping for anyway, apart from one season. Honestly, how hard can it be to make 350 MB AVI files, with a resolution of 624 x 352? I suspect that I've been spending my time trying to solve a 'problem' with my Internet connection that didn't exist. Sigh. Am still very certain that SingTel mio is a lot less stable than my previous broadband connection, so I'm still not impressed. If only my dad hadn't switched from SingNet Broadband to mio Home, at least the situation would still be salvageable. Now, I guess we're stuck with a crappy, temperamental connection. All this after I mentioned how Eng Fa once told me and a bunch of friends not to sign up for mio TV. I am impressed that I've figured out how to open ports for my torrent client though. Doesn't seem to help because the one I downloaded to test is lumbering along at a ridiculously slow speed. Oh well. I'm just going to give up and sleep now. School was fine today, but I was sort of feeling grumpy inside, so I didn't get a lot of work done. The chat with the Senior Teachers was good though, one of the best things that's happened so far during my attachment.

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Shen Ting said...

I never trusted mio after reading reviews online, more so after my cousin switched to mio and had the same results as well.

Router-wise, the mio router should be one of the 2-wire routers, somewhat similar to the older 2-wire router for normal Broadband (not sure if you have this one, I did.) So the port forwarding should be straightforward. Remember to save the settings to the router though.