Saturday, July 11, 2009

Episode 292: Musical Meeting

Went down to church for singing practice, and then to the SMU Concourse for the musical meeting. My handphone was acting up, rapidly draining its battery for reasons that I couldn't fathom. So I was basically stuck, with no way of contacting anyone. Went in the wrong direction at first, and only found the others when I doubled back. Good discussion, but I'm too sleepy to act on anything that was covered. Most of us ended up having dinner at ThaiExpress. I had crab! Was going to get a drink, but felt that would have been too indulgent, so I didn't. I wasn't even tempted by the clothes in Raffles City, which is a sign of how dismal my financial situation is at the moment. It is very upsetting that the Great Singapore Sale is still on but I have yet to purchase anything. I suppose one must be prepared to make sacrifices if one has plans like New York for a month over Easter vacation. Thing is, I don't actually need new clothes, but I can't help feeling like I'm missing out on something. Maybe I'll pop into Ted Baker and indulge myself with some shirts. Or trousers. Parents went shopping this evening, but I couldn't join them because I didn't know where they were (because my handphone wasn't workined). There goes my chance...

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