Sunday, July 12, 2009

Episode 293: Where Did My Weekend Go?

Seems like the handphone was fine, but the extension plug in my room isn't. I somehow feel like the weekend's just passed me by, and I haven't done much in that time. I was just telling Shirley that I've been weighing the pros and cons of getting a job after my attachment ends, and I kind of feel like if I get a job, I won't end up having much of a vacation. After all, it's not like I actually need the money, despite moaning about my finances in yesterday's entry. Any money that I earn from work would go towards spending on things that I could survive without, but then there's the thought of needing to find money to finance any trips that I want to take in 09/10. So I'm still very much in two minds about the whole matter. Ideally, I would do some relief teaching at some JC, since that would pay decently and I wouldn't have to expend too much effort for it. There's also the option of going back to High Achievers, which I almost certainly will, but that won't address my financial woes because the pay cycle means that any money from that would only be coming in after I've left Singapore. Argh. Decisions, decisions...

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