Monday, July 20, 2009

Episode 301: School Attachment Day 10

Class today was okay, and we even got off work much earlier than usual. Just to prove that life has a way of balancing things though, disaster struck in the evening! I accidentally kicked one of my external hard drives onto the floor, and even though it was just a distance of about one foot, the hard drive is now dead. I could send it for data recovery, but given that the majority of the shows I lost either reside on Eugene Chan's hard drive or in my stacks of DVD-Rs, it seems more sensible to just send it in under warranty and slowly reacquire the 'missing' shows. Shall sleep on it and make up my mind tomorrow, since I can only go down to the post office on Wednesday evening. Most of the shows that are going to be hard to find, they aren't exactly high on my must-watch list anyway. In retrospect, it's so fortunate that I gave Eugene so many of my shows! Otherwise, I'd probably gun for data recovery, price be damned. Hopefully, the warranty will cover getting a new hard drive. If not, I'll have to buy a new one, and this after assuring my mum that I probably won't have to buy one till next year. Oh, the irony! I clearly jinxed myself with that pronouncement.

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