Saturday, July 18, 2009

Episode 299: WIG 6!

Not quite sure how this ended up being WIG 6, but perhaps it's just a case of me being slightly anti-social and not turning up for most WIGs. Anyway, I went down to Jonathan's house with a couple of the SYC 2 people after Music Network, since I had plenty of time to kill anyway. Finally saw Step Up in its entirety, which has somewhat inspired me to get into dancing. Told Samantha that, so now she's trying to recruit me to be one of the musical's dancers. I replied that she'd have to teach me everything from scratch, although I suppose among the other soon-to-be-ex-freshers, I couldn't ask for better teachers than Marc and Samantha. We had dinner at Blue Mountain Cafe in Illuma, which is a rather unremarkable shopping centre, if you ask me. It looks really tacky on the outside and doesn't grab the eye on the inside. The food at Blue Mountain Cafe was actually pretty good though, so I thought the dinner set meal was pretty worth it. We decided to end off the night with durians, so we headed to one of the nearby roadside stalls. Stood around the tables because there weren't enough chairs, but the company made up for it. Am dead tired now though, which is partly the accumulated effects of the entire week. I can't imagine how I'm going to survive teaching full-time...

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