Thursday, July 16, 2009

Episode 297: School Attachment Day 8

Having come up with nine strategies, I've given up racking my brains for a tenth. Am just going to tie up loose ends, and then it's on to the Powerpoint for tomorrow's presentation. I haven't done the PowerPoint for my lesson, but that's just going to be some pictures and instructions for the writing activity I want the students to do. I'm quite pleased with my plan for tomorrow's lesson. I'm going to start off with getting the students to read the diary entry. Thank goodness they're studying The Diary Of Anne Frank, something I've actually read and liked. Then I'm going to get to talk a bit about the text in general, before getting them to imagine that they're in Anne Frank's position, keeping a diary while in hiding. I'm going to ask them to imagine they're living during the time of the Japanese Occupation, and then write an entry. My mentor said she'll give them some coloured paper, so that it'll be an activity they can put more effort into. I'm just going to surprise the students by showing them a snippet of the 1959 film version at the end of the lesson. Haha!

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