Sunday, July 26, 2009

Episode 307: The 48 Laws Of Power

Have had my eye on this book for a while, and since it was going for 20% off at the books warehouse sale, I decided to get myself a copy. Why? Well, partly because I think it's an interesting read, especially with all the historical anecdotes, partly because some of the laws are things I (un)consciously practise anyway, and even if I'm not bent on manipulating other people, it is useful to know when I am being manipulated. It sounds terrible, but it really isn't. Law 45, in particular, seems to be the mantra of the government here, and it actually makes a lot of common sense. Will get back to reading the book after I've finished with all my library books. It was the only book I bought at the sale, unlike the two Eugenes, who spent about $100 between the two of them. Was going to get myself a load of Teach Yourself books, but then I decided that it made more sense to borrow them from the library. Save my money for things that I really want! Was listening to some Planetshakers songs today, and just when I was thinking that it was the older songs that sounded better, along came a couple of tracks that proved the Planetshakers band can still come up with something that sounds fresh. Overall though, still not a really big fan of their sound. I am very close to restoring my entire TV show collection, at least in terms of what Eugene Chan's hard drive doesn't have. So by this time tomorrow, I should really be 95% of the way to completion. Just missing Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who, both of which are the largest to reacquire in terms of file size.

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