Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Episode 303: School Attachment Day 12

Taught my final lesson of this attachment! It does get easier the more you do it, although I wouldn't dare to claim I'm good at it now. I managed to finish reading my book on mitochondria, but only because it was due today and I can't afford to pay renewal fees. Still, it was an interesting read, and I'm pretty sure now that if I didn't like books as much as I do, I would probably have ended up as a scientific researcher instead of a literature teacher. So reading the occasional popular science book is my way of keeping abreast of developments in the various fields of science that still fascinate me. Moved on from that book to Michael Palmer's The Lion Bridge: Selected Poems 1972-1995. I find most of the poems so far beautifully incomprehensible. If this were a course text, I would probably throw my hands up in despair, but since it's not, I'm just enjoying the baffling turns of phrase scattered liberally through Palmer's work. Bought my new external hard drive, which it turns out I had to anyway, since I'm supposed to send in the power adapter with the drive, and my other adapter is in the UK. So I'll spend the next week or so after the attachment ends sorting out this mess. Best part of the day was meeting Claudia and Vaish for dinner at Central, and then drinks afterward at Timbre@The Arts House with the latter's Berkeley friends. All this going out is taxing my finances though...

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