Friday, January 01, 2010

Episode 466: Happy New Year!

I can safely say that was the most random New Year's Eve I've ever spent in my life. Come to think of it, most years I just sleep right through it. It is, after all, just a midnight like any other. Not even the first of the decade, as I was explaining to Dan. This is just one of those things I'm a bit of a pedant about. Anyway, I wasn't drunk, although that vodka lemonade Reece made me down was quite vile. Crashed at Sophie's for the night, and we had to get into the house via the back door because she was brilliant and left her keys at Jemma's, only realising after we'd got out of the cab. Classic moment! Getting back to Coventry this afternoon was quite an experience for me. There were no buses, so I walked northward hoping to reach some sort of building where a taxi would be able to find me, but I was pretty far north of the town centre, so I eventually reached a point where there wasn't even a pavement to walk on anymore. Was tempted for a moment to walk all the way back to Coventry, but in an uncommon display of sense, decided against it. Called Keegan up to check there were trains running between Leamington and Coventry, and then walked all the way to the train station in South Leamington. I suppose I should be grateful I didn't get lost then, as well as while I was walking back to Earlsdon from the train station. The price for all this? No work done today. Again. At this rate, I'm going to spend the first two weeks of term panicking about the portfolio.

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