Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Episode 470: Snowy Bristol

Hopped over to Bristol with Dan to pay Laura a visit. (Managed to finish a poem on the train down!) It was snowing in Birmingham, but I thought we'd escaped the snow at first, since the weather at Bristol Parkway Station was fine. By the time we got to Temple Meads though, it was quite clear that the snow was pretty much everywhere. (The university even had to invoke the Severe Weather Policy!) We did get to walk about in the snow though, which was pretty cool! At dinnertime, my lack of culinary experience was once again mercilessly mocked, although I'm pretty sure I could pick up enough within a day to begin making 'proper' meals. So there. The biggest reason why I don't cook from scratch is that I hate washing up. Baking in the oven means there are only ever two things to clean. One, the glass tray. Two, the fork I use to eat with. Haha! It was quite funny that Waitrose was completely out of eggs. Apart from expensive quail eggs. (I do love them though.) It wasn't even a weekend! Bet you anything people have started panic-buying groceries...

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