Monday, January 04, 2010

Episode 469: Wrote A 60-Line Poem In Under An Hour!

Spent time in the Library today reading and writing. Got through Seamus Heaney's Selected Poems: 1965-1975, and then wrote a three-part poem about Singapore because the one simple thing that kept coming back to me as I was reading was that Heaney loves Ireland, in a way that I could never feel for my own country. Or at least I don't think I could, and I wanted to begin exploring that in this poem, even though I'm not really fond of writing poetry with political overtones. Then I wrote a funny poem about a hungover chorister, inspired by an episode in Chekhov's short story, 'Choristers'. Was going to write one based on this entry from Neil Gaiman's blog. (Yeah, I know it's a bit random!) A bit tired now though, and I've got to be up early to catch a train to Bristol to see Laura, so maybe I'll do it on the way down instead. Am ending off the night with an episode of Accidentally On Purpose. Some of the punchlines fall flat, which is a shame because I used to think Jenna Elfman had really good comic timing when she was on Dharma & Greg.

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