Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 492: First Full Dress Rehearsal!

Just back from our first full dress rehearsal, and I'm exhausted. It was good to finally put the whole thing together though, hiccups and all. I've also managed to get 11 people to come to the musical so far, which is pretty amazing, so all of you who're coming, I love you! On a completely different note, Tennyson's In Memoriam A. H. H. is frankly a really tedious thing to read. Okay, I get it. Your best friend died and you really, really loved him (and the way you describe that love is rather suspect from our contemporary perspective), but I've read poems that dealt with grief so much more economically and had a far greater impact on me as a result. So yeah, it might be a 'great poem' and all, but I don't buy it. (In general, I dislike poems that go on for too long, since a big reason for why I like poetry is its linguistic economy.) Speaking of which, I wrote two light verses during rehearsal for tomorrow's EN238 seminar. One of them's meant to be a rhyme to jump rope to, which I'm actually quite pleased with. Personally though, I've never actually jumped rope while reciting a rhyme. Does this mean I had a deprived childhood?

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