Saturday, January 02, 2010

Episode 467: Getting Work Done, Bit By Bit

I've finally figured out how I'm going to structure my 4000-word portfolio! I don't think anyone really cares all that much about my inconsequential dilemmas, so all I'm going to say is that I'm going to be reading some Borges in the name of research. Am quite excited by what I've thought out so far, as it definitely allows me to play to my strengths. Spent the day trying to write a poem, and all I came up with was a lame truncated terzanelle that's now been posted up. Had hoped to finish another one by tonight, but I'm finding it hard to cope without adjectives, adverbs and similes. Including the word 'lime' is really the least difficult thing at the moment, as I've already figured out why it's going to be in the poem. We'll see how it goes. Have totally not been doing any work for French so far, although there are some listening comprehensions online and written work that needs to be in for our first lesson of term. Still have a week though, so it's not quite time for panic mode yet. In fact, I might just be nuts and spend the whole of Monday on campus in the Library, reading and writing poetry, and listening to French news. (Yes, I'm aware that these activities sound just a little bit pretentious.)

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