Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Episode 478: Snow Day, Again!

It never ceases to amaze me how this city (and this country as a whole) grinds to a halt when it starts snowing. You'd think that they'd be more prepared. Eventually. Apparently not. The 12 didn't show up this morning, so I thought I was being all rebellious by skipping my EN227 seminar at 10 am, but it turns out I have not in fact started on the slippery slope to academic perdition because Michael John Kooy cancelled his 10 am seminar but carried on with his 11 am one. Since this cancellation was after the fact (I checked once I got home and it definitely wasn't cancelled at 10.05 am), I'm guessing it's because nobody showed up for the class. Little wonder, since I heard that down in Leamington, the U1 took an hour to crawl from the bottom to the top of the Parade. Tomorrow's EN227 lecture has been cancelled as well, which basically means that if Peter Blegvad is snowed in tomorrow, I won't have any lessons at all. Win! Anyway, I've been uncharacteristically productive, but only in the past hour or so. I've doubled the length of my story! It's kind of sprawling out of control, beyond what I'd initially envisioned, but stories have a tendency to do that, don't they? I might actually be abandoning the idea of inserting some of my shorter pieces within this framing narrative, possibly expanding them somewhat and letting them stand as individual stories in their own right, as I think that in its current shape, the framing narrative will not bear interruption, even if it's with an intriguing flash fiction. All this is going to provide grist for the commentary, naturally.

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