Sunday, January 17, 2010

Episode 482: A Sunny Day At Last

Have decided that for my factual piece for Jeremy Treglown, I'm going to investigate the decline of modern languages study in the UK. It's actually something I find rather interesting, especially when contrasted with the language situation in Singapore and set against the backdrop of the emergence of competing spheres of influence that are at least in part determined by countries sharing a common language. Have sent off my proposal by e-mail, and am now knuckling down to finishing this French composition that I should have done earlier. Church was great today, by the way. Woke up with aching feet and absolutely no desire to leave the house, but I made it anyway and worship made up for everything. We did 'For Who You Are', which is one of my favourites from Hillsong, largely because of the ringing guitars and judiciously light percussion. Spent the rest of the day after lunch at Varsity agonising over what to write about, but now that's been decided, I can go back to focusing on my portfolio. I've totally got the structure mapped out in my head, now it's just a matter of finishing this first long story and everything else will fall into place, I just know it. Oh, and can I just mention that the weatherman got it right today for once? It was sunny the entire day, just like it was supposed to be.

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