Friday, January 22, 2010

Episode 487: Avenue Q Redux

In case you didn't already know, Daniel Boys is leaving the London production of Avenue Q at the end of this month. So since one of the things I had promised myself after seeing it last year was that I would see it again in my three years in the UK, this seemed as good an excuse as any. Plus I really do like his singing. Enough to have bought his debut album anyway. So yeah, I really enjoyed it again. This time, since I already knew the plot, I could focus my attention on other things, particularly the actors' facial expressions, which I'd kind of overlooked the last time because of the puppets. As I was sitting in the fourth row (you've got to love half-price matinee tickets), I also noticed the microphone rigs. Just a random thing really. Anyway, I'm still on the coach back to Cannon Park because our coach was delayed by about 45 minutes. It's ridiculous! If I miss the last 12 because of that and have to walk home from Cannon Park, I'm going to have words with the Megabus people. On side note, I am still impressed by how much cheaper it was to get to London from Leamington in the middle of the afternoon, compared to going from Coventry. Guess there are going to be some unexpected benefits from living there next year...

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