Saturday, January 16, 2010

Episode 481: Thaw

The assessment for this term's Archaeology module looks a lot less strenuous, which makes me very, very happy. Anyway, I got a 68 for last term's report, which was exactly what I was expecting, so I'm satisfied with it. I'm just feeling a bit stressed about next week, when I have to go from a rehearsal to the middle of a dig to London to see Avenue Q with Laura. I'm probably going to get on the train with muddy knees and all the other passengers are going to look askance at me. I'll probably have to pack a change of clothes anyway. I'm just thankful that there is a cheap Advance train fare that I can get for next Saturday. Practically all the snow has melted after yesterday's rainfall, and the pavements aren't iced over. However, this resulted in a very squelchy experience when we went out to the field in the afternoon. It was definitely the right decision to bring this old pair of New Balance shoes from Singapore. I'll probably just throw them away after the dig is over, since spring should have arrived by then. My feet are still in pain though, and they've actually been like this since that afternoon of trudging through the snow in Bristol. I seriously think I need a foot massage.

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