Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Episode 485: The Triptych Papers, Part 2

Michael John Kooy is such a polite seminar tutor that he thanks everyone for practically everything. It's like affirmation carried to the extreme. Anyway, I managed to finish the second part of 'The Triptych Papers'. Should be able to do the third part tomorrow and possibly start, maybe even finish, the fourth, which will be the 1000-word commentary that I have now co-opted as the final piece of my portfolio puzzle. This is either going to go extremely well, or just completely bomb and get a 2:2. That would be exactly what happened the last time I handed in something that I thought was clever and Peter Blegvad graded it. (Incidentally, am getting the assessed close reading on 'Ozymandias' back on Friday. Let's hope I have better luck there.) I did stick in wholesale that flash fiction he liked, which I had intended to rewrite but found a way to avoid doing so completely, so maybe I'll get a 2:1 this time? Have been watching Hidden Palms, another of those short-lived TV series, and I liked this brief exchange very much:

Nikki: 'Why did you call me?'
Cliff: 'What can I say? I'm attracted to the hopelessly reckless. Why did you say yes?'
Nikki: 'Because I'm attracted to the pathologically insane.'

The syntactic echoing is what gets me, I think. The sentiments behind it are trite as hell, and Michael Cassidy's character in this show is either badly written, or he was a really horrible actor before he appeared on Privileged. Usually I like the mean characters (e.g. Blair in Gossip Girl, Ella in the Melrose Place reboot), but here, there's something off. The nastiness is too carefully choreographed, I think.

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