Sunday, January 24, 2010

Episode 489: The Threepenny Opera

So, The Threepenny Opera. Let me first say that the only thing I've ever read by Brecht is The Good Person Of Szechwan, and my knowledge of him comes entirely from what Dan was talking about last night. That said, this was one of the more curious productions I've seen. It was, as Dan said, alienating. A strange touch was the series of videos projected onto the three screens above the stage. These were clearly intended to be related to what was happening onstage, but recast in a contemporary setting. I'd say they worked to universalise the themes of Brecht's work, showing them not to be limited to a particular time or place. The singing was good, although at times, I thought Polly's voice was a bit on the soft side. You know what was my favourite bit of the whole production though? Mr Peachum's outfit. Ever since the episode of Gossip Girl with the Vitamin Water White Party, I've been dying to own a white-/cream-based outfit. I know, how unbelievably shallow can I get sometimes, right? Anyway, managed to squeeze in some work at the Learning Grid after lunch at Varsity, although it was very painful having to script a short presentation on 'la Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie' without a dictionary handy. Had to Google every suspect phrase.

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