Friday, January 15, 2010

Episode 480: TGIF (Not!)

So I brought my bling to class today for show and tell, to hilarious effect. Some people thought I should actually wear it, but in this weather, it would be buried below so many layers. In any case, the bling is definitely not my style, except for possibly one piece. I would still really like to know who sent it and why though. I'm leaning towards a disgruntled Topman employee mailing stuff to everyone in their database. I guess it's just leftover stuff from a previous collection that would have been dumped anyway, so I don't feel bad about keeping it! Jeremy Treglown brought in Colm Tóibín for the second half of today's EN232 seminar. It's always a bit surreal to see writers you've heard of in real life. (Kind of like attending the Weird Fiction series last year and seeing China Miéville in the flesh.) Tóibín's one of those writers whose work I've always wanted to read but never ever got around to. I must say though, his book review that we were given to read was pretty damn interesting. Had a cell leaders' meeting on campus before rehearsal, so I spent a couple of hours reading in the Library with Dan. I finished Sean Bonney's Blade Pitch Control Unit, which I would say I did not enjoy on the whole, although it had its moments for me. Rehearsal was okay for me, at least when I was singing anyway, as it is a lot harder to maintain the English accent the script calls for in my three speaking moments when the people I'm speaking to aren't my classmates. Sigh. I'm exhausted, my feet hurt, but I've still got to make it through the first session of this term's Archaeology module tomorrow.

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