Thursday, January 28, 2010

Episode 493: Feeling Industrious Today...

So in a late morning spurt of productivity, I typed out the short piece on Haiti due for tomorrow's seminar between my EN238 seminar and EN227 lecture. It's written in a voice that is possibly mine, although I wouldn't say distinctively so. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that it's written in a voice that I would find engaging, alternating as it does between acerbic, cultivated and flippant. I realise that makes me sound like a better prose writer than I actually am, so here's the link and you can judge for yourselves. Did some preliminary research for the essay due at the end of the term, and already some interesting lines of inquiry are being thrown up. Am going to re-read 'The Eve Of St. Agnes' and 'Goblin Market', then go through the secondary reading I've amassed so far. I mean to get on top of this essay way in advance for a change! It helps that Emma Mason's lectures for the module are pretty damn interesting. I think lecturers need to be confident in their delivery, i.e. no stumbling on words, and after that's accomplished, they need to season it with either light humor or serious intellect. However much we want to pretend that all university students are conscientious, highly motivated individuals, the reality is that our attention is fickle, just like everyone else's.

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