Saturday, January 23, 2010

Episode 488: The Triptych Papers, Part 4 (Commentary)

Today has been a day, in the words of Lady Bracknell, 'crowded with incident'. Got back past midnight, but did not miss the last 12, so no angry e-mail is forthcoming. Still had to wake up early for rehearsal though, which was not fun at all. Would have been late, but Louisa saw me crossing the road and gave me a lift, pulling up at the bus stop just as the 12 was entering the bus bay as well. Turns out that I didn't need to stay beyond noon, since my new speaking role has now been given to Jeremy, partly because I hadn't had time to learn the few lines anyway and partly so that Jeremy can sit next to Shen Ting in the dinner scene and not forget the guys' melody line. However, my dinner order from Friday had already been shifted to Saturday lunch, so I stuck around. Would have gone to my Archaeology lesson, but I was dressed in completely the wrong clothes. The combined value of my outfit would have been approximately thrice of what I paid to do the entire Open Studies Certificate, so I did a cost-benefit analysis and decided ruining my Ted Baker coat while digging in the mud was not something from which I would derive much utility. Ended up going home to try and finish my commentary for the portfolio, which I've chosen to write as a satire of academic criticism. Managed to get it done before going to see Brecht's The Threepenny Opera in the Arts Centre with Dan, so I'll probably print it off after service tomorrow. Will say more about that tomorrow because I'm beat.

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