Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Episode 484: The Triptych Papers, Part 1

Got a haircut today, which will look weird for a couple of days until it grows out a little. Was a kind soul and stayed on campus after LL209 to wait for Lizzie, so that we could catch a train together to Birmingham for a lecture at Aston on women in film. It sounds so adventurous, jetting off to another city just to attend a one-hour lecture that you only knew about because you received an e-mail. The reality is slightly more prosaic, like fretting over whether you will miss the last train that gets you there on time, losing your way on the streets trying to find the university campus when you're actually armed with a map, and having a security guard tell you that you've actually just come from the direction of the place that you're looking for. Brilliant stuff. The actual lecture was good, delivered snappily and considerably more interesting than a lot of the lectures I've sat through in my four terms so far at university. The movie trailers helped, even if I felt compelled to object to the films on principle by the end of the lecture. Incidentally, I've gone from typing out mere poems on my N95 to typing out chunks of prose. About 700 words yesterday during the rehearsal, and today, about 500 on the train back to Coventry. I've decided that enough is enough, and I should just finish off the first part of the story tonight before going to bed. It's not going to be perfect, but hey, I happen to think it reads like a science fiction homage to Borges, so I'm happy. Not to mention that the remaining two parts I'm going to start on tomorrow are just going to escalate the craziness that now has a title: 'The Triptych Papers'.

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