Sunday, January 10, 2010

Episode 475: Term Starts Tomorrow But I Have No Classes!

So I walked to church this morning for band practice because I stupidly didn't keep enough cash on me for a taxi. It was manageable though, and by this I mean 40 minutes of treading across icy pavements, so in more clement weather, it should take me half an hour at the most. It's funny, but I don't miss leading worship half as much as singing backup. Not that I don't want to continue doing the former when I get back to Singapore, as I do think it's an area that I've been gifted in, but there are times when I really, really like singing harmony more? Anyway, bought loads of groceries after service, so now I have enough food to survive on for about two weeks! Have written two poems today, and this was after taking a nap in the evening to try and cure a headache. Tempted to just push on and reach 21 before going to bed, but now that we're not going to look at houses until Tuesday, I could spend some time writing before tomorrow evening's rehearsal if I headed onto campus earlier. Incidentally, I'm loving the new Planetshakers album, and I think it's really entirely due to Joth Hunt's songwriting and vocals, as I noticed this album is almost entirely written by him. (I also find his vocals a lot less annoying than Henry Seeley's.) I swear some of the guitar riffs and drumming on the praise tracks remind me of Hoobastank, which is brilliant!

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