Monday, January 18, 2010

Episode 483: I Did Some Writing Today!

Today was one of the more crowded days I've had in a long time, involving lots of walking back and forth. Cell lunch in the Arts Centre, then went to the Union to sort out housing stuff. Walked to church to do Kidz Klub stuff, which was just making lots of checklists and labels, so I got that done pretty quickly and headed over to Emscote to stuff flyers under doors with Jeremy's help. Can't do data entry stuff until I get the CRB check done, so I'm filling out the forms over this week. Thought there was an AdHoc meeting because Alex called to remind me while I was still in church, so I doubled back to the Arts Centre, where I started filling out the forms. Turns out meeting's shifted to Wednesday, so I went to the Library instead, and finished reading Rod Moran's The Paradoxes Of Water. He uses full rhyme in a way that sounds so natural, it reminds me of Thom Gunn and Philip Larkin. Sat there and read the collection till the end, while two people nattered away in French behind me. Couldn't really understand what they were saying because I can't keep up with the speed of native speakers, but it was quite distracting because it really stuck out from the general (English) murmuring in the Library. Last stop, the Reinvention Centre to pick up tickets from Keegan. Stayed on and watched them rehearse scenes, but I was also typing out my story, which is now about 500 words longer. It's plodding along a little and may need revising, but I think I can definitely hit the ending by 2500 words and go out with a bang then.

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