Friday, January 08, 2010

Episode 473: I'm Really Starting To Hate The Snow

I've made no further progress on the portfolio, although I am still on track to completing my 21 poems. Wrote two today that were more word games than anything else, and am now contemplating whether to go for a third, which would be an epistolary poem. I could handle that quite nicely, I think, which therefore tempts me to put it off till tomorrow. I've also discovered that I can in fact download that PhD thesis on Kazuo Ishiguro's novels because it's been digitised and access to it is free! This excites me terribly because the thesis, for all its academese, the points it's making are really relevant and are leading me to rethink my experience of reading Ishiguro's novels. Won't go so far as re-reading all of them though, since it hasn't been that long since I finished the latest one. That and I've got other more pressing books demanding to be read. Anyway, to continue on one of yesterday's random topics, I noticed on the way home in the bus that Pizza Hut does deliveries here. Why, then, does KFC not do the same? I thought they were owned by the same parent company? (Yes, another instance in which I've been pampered by the way things work in Singapore. See? Home is really all about the mundane little things.)

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