Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Episode 477: Incwriters Want Me!

Well, at least David Morley said he liked most of them, which was more than I expected him to say. I would have liked to have been told which ones he didn't like as much though. He told me why, but like most writers my age that I know, we are often quite blind to the merits or defects in our own writing, while being capable of pointing them out in other people's work. Perhaps I shall show the 21 poems to someone else and see if they can pinpoint the ones that he meant. In more exciting news, I've got a guest blogging stint on Incwriters for a week each in July and November! I still can't believe I actually got it, but it's great. I also just realised that the director of Incwriters knows David Morley. Isn't Facebook just so randomly useful at the most unexpected of times? So yeah, totally psyched about the blogging thing. No idea yet what I'm going to say during those two weeks, but I've got about half a year to ruminate. It's going to be awesome. Incidentally, initial euphoria over readability of The View From The Ground has died away. It's still readable, but now it's become work. There's just so many other books I'd rather be reading, like China MiƩville's novels on my shelf. Oh, and Royal Mail failed me again. They didn't show up today. I would give up, except I actually need to return the bloody hard drive to Amazon UK for my refund.

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