Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Episode 471: I Can Still Feel My Toes

Missed the train back from Bristol due to a combination of bad weather and Laura's absent sense of direction. We did get a complimentary slip from First Great Western for another company's train, which turned out fine in the end. Guess the bad weather made the train conductor more sympathetic? Either that or Dan's right and people do respond more positively to that grown-up Ted Baker coat. (I knew it was a sound investment, I just knew it!) I haven't done any work since getting back, having mostly concentrated on restoring feeling to my feet, having trudge through a lot of snow between Laura's place and the station. Have some nice pictures of the snow though. You would think after all the snow I've seen over the past two days, writing a poem about ice wouldn't be that hard, right? Well, apparently, it is. I've got a vague idea at the back of my head for a poem, or the ghost of one anyway, but I think I'm going to sleep on it. I've also figured out what's wrong with Accidentally On Purpose. It's a two-hour romantic comedy forced to stretch its plot out over a full TV season. That and some of the jokes are definitely not that funny.

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