Friday, July 02, 2010

Episode 648: Home!

Watched just two films during the flight, Date Night and Clash Of The Titans, although I did catch up on two recent episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. So glad that Sara Sidle's back on the team! Anyway, I really loved Steve Carell and Tina Fey in Date Night, although come on, all those shirtless Mark Wahlberg scenes were so obviously gratuitous. I was a lot less keen on Clash Of The Titans, despite Sam Worthington putting in yet another performance as saviour-of-the-world. The problem was just how loosely the whole film was following the original Greek mythology. Some license is to be granted, naturally, but what with the really contrived Perseus-Io romance and his rejection of Andromeda (the latter flying completely in the face of established tradition for no apparent good reason), it was hard to be impressed by all the CGI when the story felt like it'd been watered down so much. Worst of all, I don't see how the title of the film was actually related to the plot. Seems to me like the clash was between the Olympian, Hades, and the demigod, Perseus, with a bit of fatherly backing from yet another Olympian, Zeus. This is a remake of a 1981 film by the way, in which the 'canonical' Perseus-Andromeda pairing is retained, so maybe whoever thought the remake was a good idea thought we needed some sort of open-ended conclusion, with the threat of Hades's eventual return hanging over everything, although how that requires Io around baffles me as much as I'm sure it does you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there was really no need to deviate from the original Greek mythology. I mean, that stuff is crazy enough without you making up your own stories for a film, right?

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