Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Episode 653: HQ Attachment Day 3

How embarrassing. I'm meant to knock off half an hour earlier on Wednesdays, but I totally forgot and was still reading forum posts 10 minutes after I could have left the office. Only realised because my colleague in the neighbouring cubicle asked me why I hadn't gone home. Thank goodness she did because I managed to avoid the worst of rush hour today, so at least once a week, I'll get to ride home in what passes for comfort. I spent pretty much the entire day reading posts on the forum, and it was pretty interesting. There's a lot about the service that I didn't know about, and wouldn't actually have found out until I started teaching for real, so it's good in a way to know what lies ahead. So I can be mentally prepared! Met up with Zilu for lunch at the Biopolis. Haven't had O'Brien's in ages! Anyway, I've been spending my extra time at home watching the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. Sadly, the first cracks are appearing in this show's plot development. Why has Toby suddenly emerged as an alternative love interest for Emily? Was her lesbian exploration with Maya hurting the ratings? Or are we headed for a heady love triangle on a family network? Also not impressed by how the Ezra-Aria romance has temporarily been scuppered. Dude was sticking his neck out to date his student, but now at the least sign of trouble, he develops trust issues and bails? Seriously? Oh well. Next up, the new season premiere of Warehouse 13!

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