Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Episode 660: HQ Attachment Day 8

Dad's attending something at the Biopolis today and tomorrow, so I'm getting lifts to and fro, which is awesome. It's only really good when it comes to the homeward journey, since I still have to wake up at the same time to get to HQ in the morning. Work's picking up, although to some extent, I'm flying blind as far as how much effort to put in is concerned. I worry that I'm not doing enough, and then I worry that I'm channelling too much effort in the wrong direction. Have pretty much done as much as I've been told to, so I just need to see what replies I get to my e-mails. Have only managed to finish and schedule three posts for Incwriters so far, so I'm going to have to bang one more out before going to bed. Maybe two, just to stay ahead of my own self-imposed schedule. Also need to find some time to grab a copy of Cormac McCarthy's The Road from a library, the next book I need to review for Evolve Journal in August. Oh, and random discovery of the day: Rachel Stevens's Come And Get It is possibly one of the most underrated pop albums of the decade. I'm also slightly embarrassed to admit that Enrique Iglesias's new single, 'I Like It', has totally grown on me, shameless studio effects and all. (I suspect Dan would not approve.)

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