Monday, July 26, 2010

Episode 672: HQ Attachment Day 16

The other day, Alex sent me a message on Facebook about those posts I did last week for Incwriters, basically informing me that my blogging style was a dead giveaway. Well, at least now we know I have that elusive thing some writers are always going on about. I've found my 'voice', for better or worse. Had lunch with two of the ADs today, which was less scary than it sounds. I mean, I'm an intern. Everyone's nice to interns, right? (Don't bother to contradict me if you're interning at a law firm because I think your future pay more than makes up for any humiliation you receive now.) It was a really busy morning at work today, although I was only involved in a small bit of it. It's a bit of a relief to find out that the ADs are aware that the amount I could have done during the attachment, or rather its scope, was inherently limited by the nature of the division's work. Now I don't feel so bad for spending hours surfing My Forum, since that was one of the few things I did have access to, and it was an enlightening experience anyway.

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