Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 667: HQ Attachment Day 13

Whoa. The number of shows I'm behind on has grown to eight. Am watching Pretty Little Liars now, might squeeze in an episode of something else before catching the finale of that Cantonese drama I've been following since I got back to Singapore. Spent the first half of the day in Rosyth School. It really gives you a different perspective, being the one who follows the VIPs around. Kids kept bowing and greeting me, just because I was tagging along with the welcome party. Quite, quite surreal. Well, it was fun being there anyway. What was also fascinating for me was seeing how GE kids behave. Being one myself, I guess I did wonder as I grew up how we looked like to other people. All I can say is these kids were strikingly articulate for their age. Not just the GE kids even, to be honest. Anyway, I've finally begun reviewing the online magazines David Tait asked me to. The Asian Writer is not precisely a magazine, I think, and I wasn't comfortable with the consistency of the quality of its section on new writing, so that one's not getting a recommendation from me. Pomegranate, on the other hand, impressed me right from its inaugural issue. Might even submit something myself in the near future...

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