Saturday, July 10, 2010

Episode 656: iPhone Owner!

So I've crossed further to the dark side and bought an iPhone 3GS to replace my Nokia N95. Was contemplating several other models, but I figured if I wasn't going to get the latest (I never waste money by buying something that's practically obsolete the moment it's marketed), I might as well get something with social cache, and currently, I think nothing quite trumps the iPhone in that department. (Except possibly the Blackberry, but I'm not too keen on its design.) Spent most of the afternoon fiddling with it, so I've got everything that matters set up, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Also changed the plan that I'm on, so now I can surf without having to look for a WiFi network if I'm outside. I hope I'm still satisfied with my choice in a week, as this is one of the rare occasions I've got a new mobile without actually having made up my mind beforehand about what model I want, so getting the iPhone was practically on impulse. Am now looking to fill it up with applications (I bought the 32 GB model), so if anyone's got any recommendations, let me know. May just stick some music onto it to fill the space, but I'm not giving up my iPod quite just yet. In fact, I've actually got two. All I need is a Mac and an iPad, and my conversion to the dark side will be complete.

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