Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 668: HQ Attachment Day 14

I continue to be impressed by Pomegranate. It's also interesting how many familiar names are turning up among the contributors. Anyway, someone's added me on Facebook, and the only reason I can think for it is that it must be related to my writing. Would be a bit awkward to ask though, so I'm hoping she sends me a message or something. Busy filling up Stanza with more books, this time it's not user-generated content, but classic works that are in the public domain. Also did something new at work today. Hardly worth mentioning really, but it was a bit like levelling up. Haha! Mixed it up a little today and had lunch with a different group of people than usual, so now I've had lunch with almost everybody in the division. (It's a pretty small division.) Feels strange to admit it, but I think I'm kind of going to miss everyone when I'm not in the office anymore next week. Ah well. I've got a new haiku out by the way, in Four and Twenty, and it's free to download here if you're interested. I suppose you could just read my poetry blog, but it's nice to support other people's work as well, right?

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