Sunday, July 25, 2010

Episode 671: Despicable Me

Having just watched Despicable Me, I think I'd like a couple of the genetically modified minions for Christmas. Thanks. I quite liked how each minion was individualised by minor details and given a name. It would've been so much easier (and lazier) to have rendered them from a generic template and not bothered to distinguish them. The film's fundamentally a feel-good animated feature, and it does shamelessly manipulate you at all the moments where you would expect to be manipulated by cute expressions and behaviour. Still, it was a pleasant way to pass the evening. Plus I got a lift home afterwards from William, so I've arrived home at a decent hour. The rain was insane though, so I expect reports of floods tomorrow, or more cars being crushed by trees. I must say, it's quite interesting how this is turning into a PR nightmare for the government, and yet to a certain extent, this is something really beyond their control for once. Must be quite discomfiting. Singaporeans being Singaporeans, aren't thinking rationally and only too happy to start pointing fingers at those in power without stopping to reflect. I mean, it's not as if the government deliberately ordered the rain so that we could have floods!

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