Friday, July 30, 2010

Episode 676: DPPS Day 3

I think it's got to the point where the weather here is currently as abominable as it is in the UK. Caught in a traffic jam all the way along the road leading to the BKE because of the torrential rain, which resulted in me arriving at the end of the morning's session. So really, I paid nearly $30 to arrive in time for tea, and that started late anyway. I'd have got there earlier if I'd just stuck to the MRT! Oh well. Lesson learnt. Was pretty zoned out until the final session of the day, but that was only because the person speaking to us was so animated. I swear he was really a bit like a cartoon! That wasn't actually a bad thing though. I'm pretty close to finishing with The Road, so I'll probably write the review of it after I get back from tomorrow's Warwick alumni picnic. Wasn't going to attend until Tiffanie and Samantha said they were going, so at least now there're people to disappear with if it's too awkward at the picnic. The menu sounds pretty good though, even if we do have to pay for it out of our own pockets. Am thinking of hopping down to Borders after that, since I'll already be in town anyway...

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