Monday, July 19, 2010

Episode 665: HQ Attachment Day 11

Caught up with my mentor in the afternoon over cappuccinos. (She was on MC all of last week!) I think it's good that my mentor's also a teaching scholar, in the midst of serving out her bond. It gives me an idea of how my career'll develop after my studies, what's there to look forward to. I mean, she's literally only five years older than me. In no time at all, I could very well find myself in her shoes. That's actually pretty intimidating. Incidentally, the youngest person in the division is actually my age! Anyway, taking public transport today was exceptionally excruciating for some reason. Frankly, although people often lament that Singaporeans are a graceless lot, I wonder if that partially stems from how crowded our city's getting. All that pent-up frustration has to go somewhere, right? (Like a pressure cooker, I suppose.) Given how well the economy's doing this year, it wouldn't be surprising to have elections being called in the near future. So are voters really so money-minded that the whole crowding issue won't weigh on their minds? I guess that's what the government's counting on. More GST credits will make up for it all?

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