Friday, July 23, 2010

Episode 669: HQ Attachment Day 15

The day began and ended badly. Was nearly late for work despite taking a taxi, as we got stuck in a jam. Then I got caught up after work, and that was about three hours gone, so I got home around midnight. Thankfully, it's Friday and I don't need to work tomorrow, otherwise I'd have been even more upset. Whatever. Not going to allow myself a repeat. No sense in making myself unnecessarily frustrated! Work was the usual, although the tiny TGIF slipped in at the end of a colleague's e-mail was a nice touch. Two more days with this bunch of people. Like I've said before, it's crazy that I'm actually kind of going to miss working there, but I am. Makes me wish the attachment were longer, so I could get more deeply involved with the work that we do in our division. Incidentally, I've finished filling up Stanza with all the English and French books from Feedbooks that I could want. No idea when I'm going to be able to read them all, but if I can find just one more book likeThe American Book Of The Dead, it'll be worth it. Hoping to find some interesting science fiction, as there seems to be a lot of that on Feedbooks. A lot of the public domain stuff I'd never have encountered any other way, so it'll be good to take a look at it all.

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