Monday, July 12, 2010

Episode 658: HQ Attachment Day 6

Mentor's on MC for three days. It doesn't really affect my duties that much, although I was a little bored today because I kind of ran out of things to do. Colleague hasn't asked me to help with his report yet, so I don't know whether I should offer. Did go down to Republic Polytechnic (which I've never been to) to recce the place for tomorrow morning's event. That should be fun, being at the event, I mean. It'll also take up the entire first half of the day, and I've already planned how to occupy the time after lunch. I'm going to try and meet with someone to discuss another of my projects, but if she's not free, then I don't know what I'll be doing. Have also stupidly agreed to read the Home section of The Straits Times tomorrow, except I've just remembered that I'm not actually in the office tomorrow morning! Argh. Time to send an SMS to fix this slip of the mind. The American Book Of The Dead continues to prove an intriguing read, and I can't understand why this wasn't put out through a mainstream publisher. It's a lot better than that tripe that Stephanie Meyer's peddling, that's for sure. Also started flipping through Issue Zero of Ceriph, and sad to say, Shirley's right about it. It's a vaguely promising bunch of stuff, but in this case, I would've advocated tougher editorial standards.

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