Thursday, July 15, 2010

Episode 661: HQ Attachment Day 9

Pleasant surprise. Colleague wrote the report, incorporating the points I sent him in my e-mail yesterday. Was actually expecting that I would eventually end up having to write the report, but I guess not! Spent the entire day waiting for that to happen, and then his draft landed in my e-mail. So now I'm going to read it and make suggestions, which is a lot less stressful. Also managed to spend some time while waiting for my colleagues to go for lunch to finish all my posts for Incwriters! They're all scheduled for posting now, and the first one's already got a comment, from my namesake, who also apparently likes speculative fiction. Now I've just got to get through the second half of my attachment and review those online magazines for Incwriters. I can actually see myself enjoying working in this division, should I ever be posted back to it in the future. Oh, and I also know my results. The module average anyway. It's a First, a few points higher than last year's too, so that's nice. It does mean, however, that my LL209 mark was actually pretty average, slightly lower than what I'd hoped for even. Oh well...

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