Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Episode 666: HQ Attachment Day 12

Today, while driving us down to Rosyth School to see their final rehearsal for tomorrow's Racial Harmony Day event, my colleague commented that she thought I would make a good teacher in future. This opinion is in stark contrast to that of almost everyone else who knows me, who all think I'll probably make my students cry or something. She said it's because she can tell I'm a caring person, which to some extent, I quite agree with. It's just that when dealing with my peers, I tend to amplify the more cutting facets of my personality for amusement. It's rare to meet someone so perspicacious, given how my personality is hardly perspicuous to begin with. She also remarked that it was a shame I wasn't posted to the division as permanent staff, as she thought it would've been good working with me. That pleased me a lot because it kind of confirmed my belief that the work this division does is a really good fit for me. When it's time for my first HQ posting in future, this division is definitely going to be high on my list of choices. I'm not exaggerating. I mean, it was also my first choice for this year's attachment, and I'm really glad with how it's all worked out so far.

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