Saturday, April 02, 2011

Episode 922: Community Has Literally Taken Over My Life

I'm now five episodes into Season 2, so that's 14 more to go before I'm completely caught up. Think I might save them for tomorrow before church, since I actually want to get some reading done tonight. There's just something relentlessly compelling about its brand of metahumour. The last time I was so into a series was when I was watching the already-cancelled Better Off Ted. The continued existence of a show like Community makes me feel like there's actually hope for scripted television in the USA, or to be more precise, from the Big 5 networks. I mean, I want to write for this freaking show. (Not that that says terribly much, since I also badly want to write for Gossip Girl.) Anyway, after turning off my laptop yesterday to stop myself from sacrificing sleep to watch the entirety of Season 1, I did finish reading Geoff Page's Selected Poems, which I enjoyed. Particularly liked the extracts from the 'Smiling In English, Smoking In French' sequence, which was what Michael Hulse pointed to me to in the first place in relation to a poem I'd shown him ('Tongue Geographies'). Now I think I'm going to try and continue reading Mira Grant's Feed, which I'm already halfway through. It's getting a bit tedious though, I'll admit. The initial premise of bloggers-meet-zombies is good, but there's going to need to be some major plot twists to make me actually buy the book and its sequels (because everything worth marketing apparently has to be a trilogy nowadays).

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