Sunday, April 17, 2011

Episode 937: OT Poems Done, Just NT Ones To Go

Am up to 21 pages out of 30, which is good! The progress, I mean, not necessarily the poems themselves. Speaking of which, there is a distinct lack of progress in 90210's second season. The characters are still completely at the mercy of inconsistent writing, and the show kind of represents the triumph of casting over story logic. It's like we're supposed to ignore how erratically everyone actually behaves because it's LA and they're all, like, inhumanly gorgeous and stuff. For all its faults, at least Gossip Girl's characters tend to be more consistent. (Like how Nate has always been the token pretty boy with almost zero plot function, or Serena's always falling for men she shouldn't have, or Blair is always scheming, or Jenny is perpetually annoying.) Anyway, I've got nine poems to go, and I'm hoping they'll be faster to write than one per day, although that rate would give me exactly a week to write the accompanying essay and get everything bound for submission. It's just that I feel like I'm entering the home stretch now, and I basically have had ideas all along for these three groups of poems that play off nicely against each other, as well as bringing the whole sequence to a circular finish. This is in contrast to the recent stretch of poems, where I've pretty much had nothing but a title (and that's usually been just a name) and have had to feel my way to the ideas I want to convey. Not that I haven't stumbled across interesting ones in the process, but it does take a mental toll, I think. Maybe I'll take the rest of the evening off to decompress...

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