Saturday, April 09, 2011

Episode 929: My Sleep Cycle Is Officially Screwed Up

Finally got around to returning Feed to the local library. Apparently I've had it for so long, the book doesn't even have the new bar codes for the self-return machines! I then took the 68 to the bottom of the Parade and bought myself an early dinner from Vialli's, which was a horrible, horrible mistake because the chicken didn't taste as good as usual, and now I just feel greasy and ill. Am so going to bed early tonight, partly because I'm going to try to wake up for the morning service tomorrow, partly because I think I might have screwed up my sleep cycle because lately I can't seem to fall asleep till 4 am. The good news, however, is that I managed to write a poem yesterday after all. Had to stay up to do it though, which is definitely contributing to the sleep cycle issues. Was going to revise it today, and Chris had some suggestions for that, but I'm putting it off till tomorrow, or possibly Monday. Maybe I should go to the Library after church tomorrow and work until I can get the last U17 from campus? Of course, this will all be completely moot if I oversleep and don't make it to service in the morning. In which case, I'll probably end up not doing any work. Again.

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