Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Episode 932: Biggest Submission Yet (Literally)

Today has been one of those really good days, I think. I was up till 4 am, organising new music in my iTunes, including the new Article One album, Clarity, but I still managed to wake up around noon. Had a good hour in the sun as well, listening to that album, which is really good. The fact that they have a violin in their band has always been their biggest selling point for me. Also got through a bit of the new Hillsong United album, Aftermath. It's only their second studio album, but it's definitely a step forward from All Of The Above or any of their live albums for that matter. By no means a quantum leap in terms of musical style, but then again, nobody goes to a Hillsong CD for that, right? So after getting a very, very slight tan, I came back to my laptop and saw that I'd received a submission for Eunoia Review from a Guardian journalist who's been published by Hodder Headline Ireland. Hefty, 15 000-word document of seven stories, which I read through and accepted without any reservations whatsoever. I think this batch of fiction is easily among the best that the journal's scheduled for publication so far. While I definitely enjoy reading and publishing new writers, it's pretty exciting to be hearing from more established writers too. On top of that I've edited yesterday's poem (although I'm not writing one today, I think), and have just finished a brilliantly and understatedly heartbreaking episode of House. So yeah, I'd say it's been a good day. Only way to end it is clearly with some Ben & Jerry's, more television, and a bit of reading before bed. I'm so domestic sometimes, it's shocking.

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