Thursday, April 21, 2011

Episode 941: PWP Done!

Well, the poems are anyway. I'm going to read through them again tomorrow before I e-mail Michael Hulse. Now to wrestle with that 4000-word essay! Also need to write some fiction, but that deadline seems comparatively distant right now. As for revision, what revision? Sigh. I should start on the business French vocabulary though. After a month of no lessons, I bet most of it's fled my brain. Not good when you can't use a dictionary during the examination! Finally finished off the review for Sabotage Reviews tonight as well. The online magazine I was reviewing this time actually took way less time to read than I expected, so I'd done that a couple of days ago while procrastinating from writing my PWP. The review turned out a good deal longer than I expected, partly because I had some slightly harsh things to say about one of the contributors' poems. Why is it that I never second-guess myself when I like someone's writing, but if I don't like something, I always hesitate to criticise it if the writer's been published in numerous places? It's unwarranted insecurity about my abilities as a critic, since I don't think I'm exactly shabby in that department. I think I might take a breather tomorrow since it's Good Friday, although I'm not planning on attending tomorrow's service. It's too early in the morning and I'm not used to waking up at that time of the day anymore, and I just never seem to get anything done after a morning service because I just end up lazing about when I get home from a long lunch. Planning to read Kathy's PWP and give her feedback, and I don't know, maybe start writing the essay even. If I bash away at it, something will emerge, right?

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